Robert Emerson is a yachting professional, a boat broker, and so much more. He is highly qualified in many areas of the yacht and boating industry with 23 years of large yacht project management experience. Here’s an overview of the services he has to offer!


Yacht Sales

Robert is an exceptional yacht dealer with decades of experience. If you want a luxurious item, he understands that the process deserves special attention and a sophisticated approach in order to give yacht buyers what they want. He’s a boating enthusiast, so he understands what yacht services and amenities are important to those in the market for a yacht.

When it comes to an experienced yacht broker in Portland, you can be confident that the process will be done efficiently. Having a yacht advisor by your side during the purchasing process will make the buying experience smooth because each transition will be handled promptly and professionally.

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Boat Sales

Robert Emerson doesn’t just specialize in yachts. He’s also a boating expert who is passionate about buying and selling boats. He’s easy to communicate with and will walk you through the process of buying a boat step-by-step. As a boat dealer, he makes sure every aspect is taken care of and explained thoroughly. He takes the time to work with all sizes of boats because he knows that each person is unique in how they want to spend their time on the water.

Boat & Yacht Representation

Robert is an experienced and passionate yacht representative who understands the industry and how to appropriately market yachts. He takes the time listen to your goals for the sale and then offers support and yacht representation to ensure that the process is seamless.

He will not only look at the exterior styling of the yacht, but will also check to make sure the yacht has had the proper maintenance for the sale to be successful. Yacht maintenance can make a significant difference in the price, and he will discuss the details of that with you. Yacht maintenance can enhance the yacht selling experience and raise the expected number of inquiries. As a used yacht dealer and experienced yacht broker, Robert has the depth of industry knowledge to consult on all matters of the sale from beginning to end. Additionally, Robert also offers services as a used boat dealer.

If you are in need of a yacht representative, don’t hesitate to contact today and find out if our services are designed for your needs.

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